Medical Practice Leadership

Healthcare in the United States is undergoing massive shifts. As we move away from fee-for-service toward more value-based purchasing models, almost everything will change.

As baby boomers age, population demographics shift, and we feel the continued shortages of providers and nurses, we will need to develop high levels of engagement and agility in our teams.


We are fortunate to live in the age of information, with a world of knowledge accessible in seconds. Yet we are also expected to be equally accessible. We are challenged to translate the impact of national reforms, local mergers, and new technologies into the “Activities of daily living” in our offices.

You don’t have to face these challenges alone.

  • You could invite us to lead a multidisciplinary task force to understand and address a quality or population health management goal.
  • When was the last time you studied your new patient intake process? Is it easy for new patients to see you? Do you have the records you need before their appointment? Have you asked the providers and referral coordinators who direct their patients to you how you could improve?
  • Do you have a concern with patients who are “lost to follow-up”? Can you prove it?If you are busier than you want to be, then what are you doing that someone else could do? What guidance or scripting do they need?
  • Are you investing in staff development? Do you have promising staff members who could use some mentoring?

WaldronWorks can save lives and your sanity!